Text in the City #22 (TiTC) English spoken @ C.RAUCH'sche Buchhandlung, Nürnberg [15. August]

Text in the City #22 (TiTC) English spoken

19:00 - 22:00

C.RAUCH'sche Buchhandlung
Jakobstraße 40, 90402 Nuremberg
When the famous American poet H.W. Longfellow visited our town more than 190 years ago, he felt a spirit of transition. Here, to him, Dürer like an emigrant (…) wandered, seeking for the Better Land and saw himself as a wanderer from a region far away, curiously pacing the streets and courtyards.
After him many English speaking people came to Nuremberg: writers, scholars, soldiers and emigrants putting their experiences and the results of their research on paper, adding new perspectives to the place’s usual image as the capital of Bratwurst, Racial Laws and the Trials.
In this special edition of TITC Christina Rauch, English-skilled owner of C. RAUCH’sche Buchhandlung, will introduce you to books mostly known only to insiders but nevertheless worth reading, just like the general stock of English literature offered in her bookstore.
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