Deathrite & Space Chaser & Phantom Winter l Nürnberg - K4 @ Zentralcafé im Künstlerhaus (K4), Nuremberg [3. März]

Deathrite & Space Chaser & Phantom Winter l Nürnberg - K4

21:30 - 01:00

Zentralcafé im Künstlerhaus (K4)
Königstr. 93, 90402 Nürnberg
Präsentiert von ZOSH und Rcn_nuernberg

Special guests: Space Chaser & Phantom Winter

DEATHRITE (Prosthetic Records):
Not too many bands share the ability to instinctively hit the sweet spot where only the most severe elements of death-metal and punk converge. Surely one of the most thrilling acts of this rare breed are DEATHRITE from Dresden, Germany, who honed their knuckle-dragging savagery for four years now over a series of releases, including the highly praised „Into Extinction“, released through the esteemed German label Per Koro in 2013. On numerous tours and countless shows DEATHRITE have played with internationally renowned artists like Napalm Death, Rotten Sound, Aura Noir, Mutilation Rites, Integrity and Full Of Hell, just to name a few. Coming from – and sticking to – Germany’s vivid DIY punk scene these four guys have never been afraid to add a huge amount of old school Death Metal riffage and even hints of head-hits-concrete sludgecore villainy into the mix. The preliminary peak of this malign mixture is DEATHRITE’s newest album „Revelation Of Chaos“, that will reveal itself via Prosthetic Record in 2015. The outcome sounds like a beer and blood soaked Death Metal show that might very well have happened in a Swedish basement around 1992, including the trademark HM2 sound that hasn’t been presented in such a sordid perfection since Dismember’s “Like An Ever Flowing stream”. Yet the song-writing is so bare-bones to the point that “Revelation Of Chaos” will bring together Metalheads, Punks and Grindcore freaks at ease to destroy themselves in every mosh pit ever. Let the chaos arise.

SPACE CHASER (This Charming Man Records):
Space Chaser are a Thrash Band from Berlin, heavily influenced by classic american Metal in the vein of old Exodus, Slayer, Anthrax or Overkill, fronted by their screaming Madman Siggi, who ranges from high-pitched Dickinson-like melodies to hyper aggressive shouted vocals! These guys are always ready to raid your town and start a fucking Thrash Party!

PHANTOM WINTER (Golden Antenna Records):
Out of the ashes of Omega Massif a massive cold glacier was calved, consisting of darkness and doom. In spring/summer 2014 PHANTOM WINTER was just there…throwing its first song „WINTERCVLT“ into everyone’s ears to attack the two-faced warmth in a capacity-driven society. Without taking care of music genres or boundaries the first album „CVLT“ will haunt your dreams with fear, frost and hope. Phantom Winter will release their first full-length in 2015.

Doors: 20:30 Uhr
Start: 21:30 Uhr

VVK: 13,- zuzügl. 1,80 Euro Servicegebühr inkl. Steuern = 14,80 Euro unter

AK: 15,- Euro

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