Mind Body Soul Wellness Day @ Samsara living and art, Nuremberg [20. Mai]

Mind Body Soul Wellness Day

11:00 - 19:00

Samsara living and art
Jakobstraße 7, 90402 Nürnberg
Vorträge/Presentations, Workshops & Mini Treatments by 12 International Women/Frauen from the Metropole Nürnberg Women`s Entrepreneur Group

Transformation for Mind Body & Soul
Kundalini Yoga Shiatsu Massage Reiki Symphonischer Gong
Anti-aging Schlaf/Sleep Coaching Hautanalyse/Skin Analysis
Frauen/Womens Business Portrait Life Coaching
Mindfulness/Achtsamkeit Chakrenausgleich/Chakra Balancing
Weisheit der Seele Musikmeditation Bauchtanz/Belly Dance

Online registrierung/Register for Mini Treatments online wejoinin.com/sheets/nzmuc

Sa./Sat 20.05.17
11-19:00h @ Samsara Living & Art
Nürnberg- Jakobstrasse 7

Vorträge: (freiwillige Spende) daysforgirls.org
Inspirational Talks: (donation box) daysforgirls.org

12:00 Intention Setting/Living your Dreams- Chelle (eng) Intentional-Transformation.com
12:30 Anti-Aging-Jeunesse — Tina / Ute / Claudia (deutsch) tinalotz.jeunesseglobal.com
13:00 Soul`s Purpose-Life`s Passion+Sense Meditation-Terri (english) terrihofstetter.com
13:30 Der Lichtkörper-Reiki / Light Body«Hands of Light» — Linda (ger & eng) mindbodysoulwellness.de
14:00 Personal Branding: wie stelle ich MICH als Marke dar / How to communicate the brand that is YOU (ger & eng) blancamelendezphotography.com
14:30 Lebe deine Essenz jetzt / Live Your Essence Now — Meilin (ger & eng) meilinehlke.com
15:00 Schlafcoaching u. Schönheit / Sleep Medicine & Beauty
(ger & eng) Christine lenz-schlaf-projekte.de
15:30 Sei Bottomline Smart: Psychologie der Gewichtsmanagement / Weight Management (ger&eng) [email protected]
16:00 Karma — Aktavio Lioss™Music — Iveta (english) lawiogold.com
16:30 Quantum Healing Hypnosis-Rückführung in die Vergangenheit. Have you lived before? Linda (ger&eng)

Workshops: 5€
11:00 Kundalini Yoga (Anfänger/beginners welcome) — Linda (ger & eng) mindbodysoulwellness.de
11:30 Symphonic Gong Meditation (im Liegen/lying down) — Linda (ger & eng) energy-healing.eu
17:00 Bauchtanz / Belly Dance — Meditation in Motion-Oksana (ger & eng) [email protected]
18:00 Mindful Eating Meditation — Chelle (english) Intentional-Transformation.com

Mini Treatments: 20-30min 15€ register online
Mini Behandlungen: 20-30min 15€ Terminregistrierung: wejoinin.com/sheets/nzmuc

Frauen/Women´s Business Photo Shoot — 20 min shoot with a prof. digital image for web usage /Mit einem prof. Digitales Bild für Webnutzung- Blanca
(ger & eng) blancamelendezphotography.com
Skin analysis- Ute kosmetikstudio-noblesse-neumarkt.de (german)
Shiatsu Massage- Elisabeth wellness-beauty-point.de(ger & eng)
Sound & Wisdom session- Meilin meilinehlke.com (ger & eng)
Chakra Balancing- Linda energy-healing (ger & eng)
Schlaf/Sleep Coaching- Christine lenz-schlaf-projekte.de (ger & eng)
Music Meditation- Iveta lawiogold.com(english)
Mindfulness Coaching- Chelle Intentional-Transformation.com
Online Marketing- Tina tinalotz.jeunesseglobal.com (ger & eng)
Finanzberatung-Frauen-Analyse der Situation, Ziele, Wünsche- dvag.de/claudia.schroeter (german)

Register for Mini Treatments online wejoinin.com/sheets/nzmuc

Das Samsara Inneneinrichtungshaus & Cafe sind offen und bieten Veganes Essen, Suppe, Salat, Kaffee & Kuchen an. Kommt vorbei und geniesst drei Etagen von Wellness und indisches Wohnkultur.
Samsara is the most amazing Yoga studio in Franken with an Interior, Art & Furniture Shop. Three floors for you to browse through and enjoy a wellness treatment and lunch or coffee.
They will be serving Vegan Soup, Salads, Cake & Beverages in the Samsara Cafe.
We will have a selection of Health, Wellness & Beauty Products for sale.
Proceeds from the door prizes and presentations will go to the
Charity -Uganda days for girls project daysforgirls.org
Samsara Cafe & Laden ist offen living-and-art.de
Tombola & Vorträge Spenden an- «Uganda days for girls project» daysforgirls.org

The Women`s Entrepreneur Group Metropole Nürnberg
[email protected]
0172 8998 227- Linda M. Eviston

Linda “Har Piara Kaur”
Linda has been practicing alternative therapies and a meatless lifestyle since the 70`s. Her speciality is «Hands of Light” where she transforms the mind body & soul through her touch and sound. Linda plays a symphonic gong, chants and uses tibetan and crystal singing bowls to release old patterns and to make space for something new. After a session with Linda you will leave feeling happy healthy and whole. Linda also offers Past Life Regression, Kundalini Yoga Meditation & Shakti Dance. She practices and give workshops in Germany, her birthplace Vancouver and ancestral homeland Ireland.
Linda “Har Piara Kaur” praktiziert Naturheilverfahren und einen vegetarischen Lebensstil seit den 70iger Jahren. Sie benutzt den symphonischen Gong, Klangschalen, Gesang, Asanas und Handauflegen um den Geist, Körper & Seele in Einklang zu bringen, um alte Muster loszulassen und um Neues zu schaffen. Nach einer Behandlung mit Linda werden sie sich glücklich, gesund und vollkommen fühlen. Linda bietet auch Rückführungen, QHHT, Kundalini Yoga & Meditation und Shakti Dance an. Sie gibt workshops in Irland, Kanada und Deutschland. Ich freue mich auf ihren Besuch. Licht und Liebe Ihre Linda 0172 8998227 mindbodysoulwellness.de (Deutsch/English)

Blanca Meléndez
Creating authentic, timeless, emotional & fun portraits. Family & Children Photography. Business & Personal Branding Portraits.
Entrepreneur & Business Owner As a photographer, it is my goal to capture truly authentic portraits of the people I photograph. I focus on understanding and getting to know the person in front of me. It fascinates me to find out who they really are and to capture their true self. The reasons why you want portraits may vary,… maybe for private reasons because you want to preserve memories of your family… or for business reasons, because you have a message you want to bring across… the essence is the same… I believe that EVERYONE has a story that deserves to be told… Having lived in different countries and having worked with people from all over the World has helped me to develop the sensitivity to understand different cultures. More than ten years of corporate experience and a business degree in Marketing, have given blancamelendezphotography.com (Deutsch/English)

Christine Lenz
Sleeping Beauty is one of our famous fairy tales. What says the modern sleep medicine to this fairy tale and what can you to for a dream of sleeping beauty to come true. 15 Minutes of infotainment. I´m a sleep expert, a speaker and designer. I lived in 5 countries and I work in Europe and Asia. My consultations are based on my medical and intercultural background. I organize retreats that bring the best of the western and eastern world together. Coaching that open a new way of sleeping and dreaming. Sleep is as important as food and the ingredients are as important as the cook. Bring your questions and get a recipe. Lenz-Schlaf-Projekte, Ganghoferstr. 690491 Nürnberg lenz-schlaf-projekte.de (Deutsch/English)

Terri Hofstetter
Terri Hofstetter is a certified Life Coach with Martha Beck Inc., a Nature-Based Coach with Sagefire Institute, and an endorsed Soul’s Calling Coach. Her extensive background as a coach in many roles has expanded her skills as an “adventure guide for the soul,” enabling clients to connect with their inner selves and live their dreams. She has combined a couple decades’ of spiritual and personal growth studies and many years as a hiking guide, snowboard instructor and adventure coach to her coaching practice. She is a native of Fort Worth, Texas and has lived in Germany 25 years. terrihofstetter.com (english)

Elisabeth Günther
seit 15 Jahren in der Forsthofstr. in Nürnberg in meinem Kosmetikstudio mit Maniküre, Pediküre und Wellness Massagen selbstständig tätig. Ein weiterer Schwerpunkt meines Tätigkeitsbereiches ist die Firmenbetreuung, dass heißt, Shiatsu Massage auf Massage-Stuhl vor Ort in den Unternehmen an den Mitarbeitern und Führungskräften. wellness-beauty-point.de

Chelle Johnson
Chelle is a success coach that supports busy working women to get clarity and focus so they can reduce stress and have a purpose-filled life, even if they feel they don’t have time. She uses mindfulness and a goal-oriented framework to empower you to make consistent incremental progress toward your goals with confidence. Her credentials include mindfulness coach, certified Ideal LifeVision coach, yoga instructor and meditation instructor.
Intentional-Transformation.com (english)

Claudia Schröter
Ich bin Claudia Schröter und seit 17 Jahren selbstständige Beraterin in der Unternehmengsgruppe der Deutschen Vermögensberatung tätig. Mein Hauptintressengebiet sind die Ziele und Wünsche meiner Kunden und vor allen Dingen die Lebensgegleitung bei persönlichen Veränderungen, bei Neubeginn oder Neustart in ein neues Lebensumfeld. dvag.de/claudia.schroeter.

Meilin Ehlke
My name is Meilin. I am here to guide you to live an adventurous life. As a medium and healer, I am interconnected. Together, we will bloom and grow, gaining awareness of our potential. I speak or act with guidance to help you remember what you do. I assist you in acknowledging your true self so you can own your own wisdom. Meilin Ehlke ist die Schlüssel-Finderin zu Deinem Herzen. Mobile: 01520 2020 768 email: [email protected] meilinehlke.com (Deutsch/English)

Tina Lotz
Ich bin seit über 24 Jahren in der Werbung tätig und unterstütze viele Firmen bei Ihren Verzeichniss Auftritten und im Zuge der Zeit bin ich auch zertifizierte Online Marketing Mediaberaterin. Online Kurzcheck für Websites, Social Media, Was ist wichtig und wie sieht mich der Kunde, bzw. Google. Seit mindestens genauso vielen Jahren beschäftige ich mich mit Gesundheit, Homöopathie, Energiearbeit, Schönheit und alles was dazu gehört… Mind Body Soul Anti Aging Produkte: tinalotz.jeunesseglobal.com

Ute Volk
Selbständige Spezialistin für Kosmetik, Antiaging und Bodyforming. Tätig in der Kosmetikbranche seit 1996. Eigenes Beauty-Institut seit 2003. Produkte von:mesoestetic, QMS und Jeunesse. Weitere Informationen unter: kosmetikstudio-noblesse-neumarkt.de

Oksana Radionova
Oksana is a dance instructor with ten years international experience in belly dancing, tribal and Egyptian style. In order to discover inner peace and beauty, dance meditation program was developed. Chakra Dance Flow combines dance, freestyle movement and guided meditation to create a unique holistic experience, a personal retreat designed for those who are not able to get time for long meditation sitting and whose who love dancing. (Deutsch/English)

Iveta Kokoreviča
I am a personal development consultant and manager of Latvian based company “LAWIO Gold”. For the last seven years I have been intensively studying spiritual master’s Aktavio Lioss teachings about the energies, regularities of human life and energetic process and deliver this knowledge to people through one-to-one, group or corporate consultations, lectures and seminars, as well as lead individual energy work, conduct meditations and relaxation sessions with Aktavio Lioss™ transformative music and video. For more then 18 years I have been learning and practising various self-development methods that help people not only to restore their physical well-being and mental balance but also to develop extraordinary abilities. My main purpose is to give people a stimulus to develop themselves, to find new possibilities and uncover their potential to successful, harmonious and fulfilled life. LAWIO studio Aktavio Lioss™ World of Inspiration and Opportunities + 49 157 30419630, [email protected] lawiogold.com (english)
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